Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Executive Officers District Chairs Representatives Past District Chair
President (2021-2023) NE District Rep. (2021-2023) Elementary Rep. (2021-2023) (2021-2023)
Heather Cote Jared Cassedy Dustin Lindsey Rebecca Damiani
President-Elect (2021-2023) SE District Rep.(2020-2023) Middle School Rep. (2021-2023)
Tony Beatrice Bill Richter Andrea Cook
Immed. Past Pres. (2021-2023) Eastern District Rep.(2022-2024) High School Rep. (2021-2023)
Cecil Adderley Jason Bielik Meredith Lord
Clerk (2021-2023) Central District Rep.(2022-2024) Higher Ed. Rep. (2021-2023)
Sara Durkin JP Lanctot Reagan Paras
Treasurer (2021-2023) Western District Rep.(2022-2024) K-12 Admin. Rep. (2021-2023)
Stephanie Riley Ashley Paradis Julie Carroll

Administrative Liaisons

NAfME E. Div. President Superintendents Association Principals Association
Susan B. Barre (ME) Kim Smith Michael LaCava
NAfME E. Div. President-Elect
Michael Brownell (NY)
NAfME ED Immediate Past President cMMEA Chapter Tri-M Liaison
Keith Hodgson (NJ) Julie Carvella Meredith Lord

Subcommittee Chairs

Constitution/By-Laws Growing Music in MASS (GMM) Distinguished Service Award
Tony Beatrice Thomas Walters Noreen Diamond Burdett
Nominating Advocacy Chair Lowell Mason Award
Cecil Adderley John Mlynczak Noreen Diamond Burdett
Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Access Advocacy Award
Tom Westmoreland Noreen Diamond Burdett

Council Chairs

Band Education Choral Education Guitar Education IN-Ovations Music Composition Orchestral Education Research and Teacher Education

Staff Members and Support Personnel

Staff Members Support Personnel
Interim Executive Director Interim Associate Executive Director Auditions Coordinator
Michael LaCava Noreen Diamond Burdett Michael Lapomardo
P.O. Box 920004 P.O. Box 920004
Needham, MA 02492 Needham, MA 02492 Database Manager Rick Lueth
MME Journal Editor MME Journal Business Mgr.
Christy Whittlesey Noreen Diamond Burdett
P.O. Box 920004
Needham, MA 02492

Massachusetts Music Educators Association

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Michael LaCava
Interim Executive Director
PO Box 920004
Needham, MA 02492