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Dear MMEA Members,

Our dedication to our students, schools, and local communities is amazing, and your input and support has been greatly appreciated. As many are trying to plan for fall, everyone has been looking for resources. Many great ideas were presented by our colleagues as part of the MICCA sessions they recently shared. And, back in June MMEA members organized a Virtual Town Hall to share Best Practices from MA teachers. A huge thanks to Tony Beatrice, Maggie McKenna, Jenn Ellen, Jeff Daniels, and Sara Santos for organizing, collecting, and collating this information. If you are a member of the Massachusetts PreK-12 Music Educators Facebook group, you can find the full chat notes there. Thanks are also offered to Rebecca Damiani for her work in taking the full notes, and organizing them for MMEA to share with you today. Hopefully these resources can help you in your planning for the fall.

In addition, Arts Learning and the MA Association of School Committees (MASC) have sent a copy of the Univ. of CO Aerosol Study to ALL Massachusetts School District Superintendents and School Committees, which all of the MA arts organizations, including MMEA signed on to. We will continue to share information as we receive it.

Cecil Adderley
President, MMEA

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