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The Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is a federated state unit of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). MMEA supports comprehensive, quality music education for all students. We do this through advocacy, professional development for teachers, opportunities for student performance in District and All-State Festivals, and grants that will help students develop the skills to successfully participate in the opportunities given. We are committed to life-long learning for both students and teachers.

Festival Opportunities

Students may audition for acceptance in junior or senior festivals organized by each of the five MMEA districts. Based on their audition scores, a percentage of students are invited to audition in January for the All-State Festival. Approximately 1000 students audition annually, and about half are accepted to participate in the All-State Festival. Complete information concerning the junior and senior festivals in each district can be found on each district's website (see this page for links). The All-State Festival is held at the same time and place as the annual MMEA Professional Development Conference. The All-State Concert takes place at Symphony Hall on the third day of the festival.

The MMEA District and All-State festival auditions and ensembles are open to students of teachers who are members of the Massachusetts Music Educators Association. All communication for students and parents concerning the District and All-State Festival must be through the student’s school music teacher.

Complete information about district festivals can be found on the MMEA Central, Eastern, Northeast, Southeast, and Western District websites. Information concerning the All-State Festival can be found on this site under the All-State Concert and the Auditions menu items.

The student fee for participation in the All-State Festival is reduced because MMEA assumes part of the cost for each student.

Future Symphony Hall Scholars

MMEA is committed to providing grants that will equip students who do not have the resources to experience success in auditioning. Schools submit proposals by June 30 of each year for a grant consideration. MMEA members and other friends of music education contribute to the Symphony Hall Scholars fund. For complete information see the Scholarship section on this website.

Additional Opportunities

NAfME/MMEA encourages the inclusion of non-traditional ensembles, drumming, music technology, guitar, keyboard and composition, and improvisation in the school music program and provides professional development that will help equip teachers to provide that leadership.

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