Treble Chorus

All State Treble Chorus – Mission

The mission of the All-State Treble Chorus is to provide a quality honor choir experience for selected students in Grades 4 through 6 who participate in their school’s general music and/or choral programs. MMEA engages the very best conductors who are recognized for their expertise with children’s choirs. The conductors select repertoire appropriate for this age level. Repertoire is varied, of a high-quality, pedagogically sound, and engages the young singer to encourage age-appropriate and expressive singing.

Treble Chorus Information for 2019

2019 information will be posted when it becomes available. The links below are for 2018.

2019 Check Form
2019 Treble Chorus Handbook

Audition Accompaniment Track

As stated in the handbook, teachers and students will use the "Audition Accompaniment Track" to accompany auditions.

  1. The vocalise is played through once to orient students to the tonality.
  2. A single D-Major chord is played, after which students should begin singing the vocalise.
  3. The accompaniment track plays the modulations as students sing through the exercise.
  4. You will hear a I-V-I progression in G-major, followed by a single G-note, to tonally prepare students for "My Country 'Tis of Thee." Students will then breathe and sing the song at their chosen tempo.

Marianna Parnas-Simpson to Conduct 2019 Treble Chorus

conductor photo
Marianna Parnas-Simpson
Treble Choir of Houston, Director
Parker Chorus Program, Director

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