Director of Performing Arts (K-12) REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning ACCOUNTABILITY OBJECTIVE: The Department Head is accountable for planning, administering, and facilitating a comprehensive and multidisciplinary program which offers students a variety of opportunities to learn about and enjoy the performing arts as both practitioner and consumer. DIMENSIONS: Students: 5,000 Schools: 2 secondary 7 elementary Staff: 16 full- and part-time teachers 1 departmental assistant stipend, 1 department secretary, shared with the Art Department 1 IVEP Secretary (part-time) NATURE AND SCOPE: Curriculum coordination and development, program management as well as staff development, supervision, and evaluation are the most significant areas of responsibility for the Director of Performing Arts. He/she is responsible for the everyday functioning of the department in terms of curriculum, department meetings and culture, teaching assignments, and oversight of the performance programs. The Director serves as the most visible leader of Wellesley's art program to educators and to the community. He/she develops the K-12 department budget. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. With the faculty, plan, implement, coordinate, and evaluate the curriculum development and performance programs for the K-12 program. 2. Plan, manage and evaluate courses and program offerings. 3. Plan and lead meetings and activities to build and maintain a strong professional and collaborative department culture. 4. Assign teaching responsibilities in cooperation with building principals. 5. Supervise and evaluate the staff assigned to the department including the Instrumental Vocals Extension Program. 6. Prepare and administer the budget for the K-12 program and prepare appropriate reports. 7. Prepare and develop a plan for the implementation of yearly program objectives. 8. Plan, provide, and recommend professional development for the faculty. 9. With the Art Department, arrange temporary art exhibits throughout the system and arrange for security measures when appropriate. 10. Support the implementation of the Performing Arts program into other areas of curriculum. 11. Meet with staff to coordinate and arrange appropriate student placement, class size, teacher assignments, and student and teacher schedules (including colleges, i.e., entrance requirements and advance placement). 12. With the Performing Arts Department, manage the selection, purchase and distribution of all Performing Arts Department supplies, media materials, equipment, and furniture. 13. Maintain effective communication and public relations regarding the K-12 Performing Arts program within the school community and between the school system and the town. 14. May teach a maximum of 0.2FTE as a teaching load. 15. Keep abreast of innovative art techniques, programs, and research through participation in professional organizations and activities. 16. Monitor equipment maintenance and safety issues in art classrooms. 17. Manage the IVEP Program including registrations, room assignments and scheduling. WORK YEAR: 204 days

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