Organization: The mission of Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program is to ensure the long-term musical and social success of all students, and to positively impact them and their families through quality education and performance. JQOP is inspired by El Sistema, the Venezuelan program that uses intensive, joyful, ensemble-based music instruction to help children develop social-emotional skills. In the 2017-18 school year, JQOP will serve 200 students in eight ensembles before school, and launch the Beethoven Ensemble for Students with Special Needs during the school day. All programming takes place at Josiah Quincy Elementary School in Chinatown. //// Program Description: The El Sistema Special Education Program was started twenty years ago, in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, to ensure that every child could experience the benefits of music education. Today, there are numerous Sistema organizations worldwide that have recreated this program, such as Sistema Scotland, where music teachers use Figurenotes music notation, Skoogmusic, and other technology apps to help children of all abilities create and experience music together. The Beethoven Ensemble of Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program will launch in September 2017, with the goal of serving all Special Education students at Josiah Quincy Elementary School. There are eight Special Education classes for students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Each class will receive three 30-minute lessons per week. Scheduling will be dependent on the school schedule and teacher availability. Classroom teachers and paraprofessionals will be present to support the Beethoven Ensemble Lead Music Teacher. As this is a new program, the Lead Music Teacher will work with the JQOP Executive Director to design a curriculum for these classes that is in alignment with El Sistema philosophy and fits the needs of the students. In addition, the Lead Music Teacher, Executive Director, and Special Needs teachers will meet throughout the year to assess the ensemble’s progress. A primary focus of JQOP is using performance opportunities to help children develop a sense of pride and accomplishment. This will be incorporated into the Beethoven Ensemble by having students perform regularly, both as a separate ensemble and alongside morning orchestra/choir groups, including at all three JQOP evening performances and community events. ///// Position Responsibilities: ·Teach 24 thirty-minute group lessons per week (three lessons * 8 classes) to children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade with various physical and learning disabilities ·In advance of the school year, work with the JQOP Executive Director to plan out a curriculum, ensemble goals, and order necessary teaching supplies/instruments ·Work collaboratively with school Special Education teachers, including monthly check-in meetings with the JQOP Executive Director to assess the ensemble’s progress ·Attend the September JQOP Orientation weekend and professional development opportunities offered through the program as needed ·Attend all concerts and community events for your ensemble ////// Qualifications: 2+ years’ experience teaching music to students with special needs ·Music Education degree preferred; strong knowledge of music education methods, behavior management, curriculum development, and assessment techniques ·Commitment to El Sistema’s philosophy of social change through music instruction ·Willingness to go above-and-beyond to ensure success for all students ·Strong interpersonal, professional, and communication skills ///// If interested, send a cover letter and résumé to Graciela Briceno at gbriceno (at) jqorchestra (dot) org

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