JOB GOAL: To enable each student to pursue their education by providing instruction and appropriately managing the classroom environment in the absence of the regular classroom teacher (Piano and String Ensemble classes). PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: • Maintain a positive learning environment while delivering instruction and implementing lesson plans in line with District’s goals, policies and procedures for student achievement. • Maintains the established routines and procedures of the school and classroom to which assigned. • Follows and supports all District and school policies, rules, and procedures. • Reports to the main office upon arrival at the school building to determine the assignment of the day. • Supervises students to ensure their safety and welfare. • Reports any student related injury, accident, illness, discipline problem Administration immediately or as soon as is reasonably. • Reports in writing on the day's activities at the conclusion of each teaching day. • Maintains the confidentiality of the position including all student and school personnel information. • Other related duties as assigned by the building administrator. Apply on JOB ID: 3007662