Seeking a private voice instructor to work weekly with high school singers in Natick. This is a pilot program for the '18-19 school year. Ideal candidates possess a degree in music and/or vocal performance and have a passion for empowering young singers, instilling confidence, and aiding in vocal development. NHS singers are motivated and eager to learn about their voices. The instructor will have an understanding of the vocal mechanism, have creative strategies for exercises to build breath and vocal technique, and an interest in coaching a variety of styles including classical and contemporary. Aligned with the Massachusetts state standards and in conjunction with the NHS Choral Program, voice lessons will focus on building literacy skills as well as helping students prepare for district/all-state auditions and recitals. An accompanist is not provided and some piano skills are required to accompany warm-ups and pieces. The schedule is flexible depending on number of students and rates are set by the school system. Please apply through the Natick Public Schools website.