The Handel and Haydn Society Lead Musicianship Teacher is a highly-qualified teacher who educates, inspires, and engages students in weekly musicianship classes and supervises the members of the H+H Musicianship faculty. Students receiving instruction in musicianship are members of four H+H youth choirs, ages 8-18. The Lead Musicianship Teacher develops the musicianship curriculum and ensures that students in all classes are gaining skills in music literacy. H+H musicianship curriculum uses a sound-first approach to teaching music literacy. Emphasis is given to building camaraderie and connection among the students through their musicianship studies as this is a complement to their ensemble rehearsals. The Lead Musicianship Teacher is part of a team of 15 part-time education faculty members, which includes conductors, musicianship teachers, collaborative pianists, and school-based teaching artists. Full position description and application instructions at