Digital Music Production Teacher
Faculty Opening - Digital Music Production Teacher Position: Part time (Wednesdays, 9:00-11:00am and 12:00-1:30pm) Pay: $45-50 per teaching hour; commensurate with experience Location: Guilmette Middle School, 80 Bodwell Street, Lawrence, MA Start date: September 29, 2021 Indian Hill Music School, a community music school in Littleton, MA with a faculty of 70+ professional teaching artists, has an opening for a part-time Digital Music Production Teacher to work on Wednesdays at Guilmette Middle School in Lawrence. This position entails teaching a class of fifth and sixth grade students from 9:00- 11:00am and a class of seventh and eighth grade students from 12:00-1:30pm, beginning on Wednesday, September 29. The classes will run in-person (masked) at Guilmette Middle School at 80 Bodwell Street in Lawrence, MA. The goal of these classes is to lead students in creating individual and group projects on Soundtrap, a cloud-based recording platform. Students will be provided with the requisite hardware, software, and internet connectivity in the classroom. Lesson topics may include looping, beatmaking, production, song form, recording, mixing, remixing, and more, as appropriate. The instructor is required to: - Communicate and maintain high behavioral expectations for all students, and develop a culture of “growth mindset” by encouraging and celebrating small improvements in individual and classroom culture; - Remain calm and focused when faced with unexpected challenges; and - Create and maintain a positive learning environment in which students’ diverse backgrounds, identities, strengths, and challenges are respected and utilized. Lawrence Public Schools is an urban district, located 30 miles north of Boston, serving more than 13,000 students. More than 70% of their students speak a language other than English as their first language. They are committed to ensuring that our students, who have for too long been under-served, are provided with a high-quality, free, public education at their local, district schools. Indian Hill Music faculty members are responsible for: 1) inspiring and sharing their love of music with their students; 2) setting a high bar for students’ levels of technical skill and musicality, as appropriate; 3) clearly communicating expectations and working toward shared goals; and 4) advocating for their students to engage in additional pursuits to deepen their musical development, as appropriate. Indian Hill offers many ancillary benefits to our faculty members, including a variety of paid professional performance opportunities and funding for professional development (by application). Attendance at an annual fall faculty meeting is required, as is the completion of occasional clerical tasks including reporting of hours taught for payroll purposes. Timeliness and reliability, as well as strong communication practices with both students/families and school staff, are essential. Qualifications: Candidates should have experience with electronic music and recording techniques, as well as related teaching experience. Spanish language skills and experience working in an urban school environment are a plus, but are not required. Demonstrated ability to meet all requirements listed above is required. How to apply: Please send your resume and any other supporting materials to Pete Robbins, Director of Education and Non-Orchestral Performance Programming, at probbins@indianhillmusic.org with “Digital Music Production Teacher” listed in the subject line. Indian Hill Music believes that everyone should be treated with fairness and dignity, and without prejudice. Music is a language that connects us and gives a voice to all. We are committed to offering a warm and welcoming environment where all students and music lovers are accepted, respected, and valued, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability, faith, nationality, age, or socioeconomic status. Learn more at www.indianhillmusic.org
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