Music Teaching Artist
Commitment: Monday thru Friday, 7:45-9:30AM / The mission of Josiah Quincy Orchestra Program (JQOP) is to ensure the long-term musical and social success of all students, and to positively impact them and their families through quality education and performance. JQOP is inspired by El Sistema, the Venezuelan program that uses intensive, joyful, and ensemble-based music instruction to teach children social-emotional skills. In the 2017-18 school year, JQOP serves 175 students in eight ensembles, including five string orchestras of various levels (beginner to advanced). All rehearsals take place before school at Josiah Quincy Elementary School in Chinatown. For more information, visit www.jqop.org. The Mozart Orchestra Support Teaching Artist will team-teach two groups of students in kindergarten and first grade. Each group will receive general music instruction twice per week and string orchestra instruction twice per week on alternate days. Both groups come together on Fridays with all Mozart faculty assisting. The Mozart TA will support the Mozart Orchestra Director and assist with selecting songs/dances, leading daily lessons, preparing for concerts, and ensuring that all students learn appropriate strings technique, music notation, and orchestra culture. Additionally, as JQOP equally supports social development and musical growth, the Mozart TA will help to ensure that social-emotional skills are developed within the fabric of lessons, including, but not limited to, leadership, kindness, self-control, and patience. The Mozart TA will work with all JQOP staff and teachers to ensure the highest quality learning experience for all students. Responsibilities: ·Team-teach general music and string orchestra to two groups of 18-20 students in K2/1st grade, under the guidance of the Mozart Orchestra Director. Activities/lessons will consist of singing, rhythm, movement/dance, introduction to string instruments, and social/emotional development (i.e. kindness, patience) ·Collaborate with other members of the Mozart Orchestra Team, as well as administrative staff and Teaching Artists to create a shared curriculum and performance goals for the ensemble ·Attend all staff meetings and professional development opportunities offered through the program ·Attend all concerts and community events/performances (gigs) for your ensemble Qualifications: ·Experience teaching group music classes and/or working with young students (ages 5-8) ·Knowledge of basic teaching and classroom management skills ·Commitment to El Sistema’s philosophy of social change through music instruction ·Passion for teaching and willingness to go above-and-beyond to ensure success for all students ·Strong interpersonal, professional, and communication skills If interested, send a cover letter and résumé to hiring@jqorchestra.org
Josiah Quincy Elementary School
Graciela Briceno
885 Washington Street