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Professional Development Points (PDPs)

Updated 4/2/2011

MMEA - Not a Licensed PDP Provider
The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) now requires PDP providers to be licensed. MMEA is not a licensed PDP provider and is therefore not authorized to award PDPs.

How to Earn PDPs
According to the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (see,

"Districts may award PDPs to educators for conference attendance after the successful completion of a professional conference with follow-up activities at the district level that combined with conference attendance total 10 hours or more. Follow-up activities at the district level must include an observable demonstration of learning that could include a written product or other product that can be documented."

As the paragraph above indicates, PDPs are not awarded solely for conference attendance, but may be awarded by your school district for conference attendance combined with other documentation.

Here is what you should keep in order to document your conference attendance as it pertains to PDPs:

  • the conference program book
  • all session handouts and notes
  • the registration receipt

Following are a few suggestions as to how you may be able to use the session information at the conference to acquire PDPs. Be sure to check with your school district first!

  • Develop lesson plans in a standards-based unit;
  • Document music repertoire for its specific expected outcomes;
  • Work on curriculum development in your school district;
  • Develop and document teaching strategies used in the classroom/ rehearsals;
  • Develop and document assessment strategies used in the classroom, rehearsal, and/or performance;
  • Provide an "observable demonstration of learning" such as:
  1. samples of student work;
  2. CD/video of classroom, rehearsal, and/or concert;
  3. video taped observation of your teaching.

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