Advocacy - Who Tells Your Story?

Massachusetts is rich with arts integration, supporting organizations,
and opportunities for our students.

As MMEA members, our direct and personal impact on the lives of music
students creates a powerful collective advocacy voice in our state.

We want to represent this voice, and use your stories to advocate for
statewide support for growing arts programs.

Our goal is to collect stories from every district and even every school
in the Commonwealth!

These stories will help guide our future initiatives and tasks, and they
will be collected in a publication that can be distributed to stakeholders.

We hope to inspire each other, along with parents, school administrators,
district administrators, and local and state legislators.

Please take a moment and respond to the prompts below. We encourage
you to focus on a specific story, as these send a more powerful message. 

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If you have not completed and submitted your responses
within an hour, you can save your work (with a password
of your choice) and restart your session.

Helpful hint:  You can compose your responses offline
(for example, in Word), and then cut and paste your responses
to avoid running into the time limit.


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