Why Common Music Assessments?

Local Perspective

  • Authentic assessments
  • Assess the 3 Artistic Processes: (Creating, Performing, Responding)
  • Connects to 21st century Skills
  • Outcomes may be used to advocate for instructional time
  • Methodology neutral
  • Deep professional development – this initiative is about the process of developing assessments in relationship to teaching and learning. The quality, relevant products are just a portion of this endeavor

State Perspective

  • Tied to DESE requirements for DDMs (District Determined Measures)
  • Common work across districts, throughout MA and beyond
  • Lends credibility to assessment work-developed by MANY music educators
  • Grass-roots initiative
  • Endorsed as DDM template by DESE

National Perspective

  • Recognized beyond our region as quality assessments that are part of a deep development process (Colorado, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, connection to new National Standards Cornerstone Assessments)
  • Serve as basis for new Cornerstone Assessments for New National Core Arts Standards)
posted on Sep 16, 2013