Potential Classes: High School band (entry level and honors), String ensemble, general music classes; history of popular music, beginning guitar, beginning piano & introduction to digital music. Responsibilities: •Pep band at home football games, marching band for local parades, halftime show for at least one home football game, nighttime concerts, student festivals (district/all-state etc.) •Organization and distribution of concert uniforms AND marching band uniforms. •Inventory and upkeep of all equipment, and tracking of school instruments loaned to students. •The music library, located in its own room, needs to be updated and maintained yearly. •After-school Jazz Band (two levels), once a week rehearsals at night and organize and present grades 5-12 Jazz Showcase in early spring There is a “Band Extra Duty” Stipend and “Jazz Band” stipend in the Unit A contract that is available for application.